Had my first consult Yesterday...so excited!!

  • Estella in michigan
  • Rives Junction, michigan
  • 3 years ago

Love Dr. Youn in Troy Michigan! He is so down to earth and made me feel so good by saying tummy tucks were invented for people like me and that I'll have amazing results!! He might say that to all patients but I dont care cause it's just what I needed to hear! I'll be getting a full TT w flank contouring lipo, BA and lipo on inner thighs. The price was better than I expected and I even get to stay over night in the hospital if I choose to which I prob will since we live 1hr 45 min away. He uses pain pumps also so I was so excited :) The plan was to get it don't right after Christmas this year. But after seeing him I'd like to get it done sooner. I'm thinking August 19th but now we will need to get financed till my husbands yearly bonus in December. He earns 3/4 of his income in dec so hope we can get financed. We don't have the best credit and my doc doesn't do in house financing. I'm so excited and just want it to get here!!

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That's very exciting for you! Did you know that in addition to this forum we also have a Mommy Makeover Review Community where you can read tons of women's stories. We'd love it if you'd start your own as well (I'm encouraging women to start posting about their journey before the fact so we can offer more information and support during the planning stages).

Hope all goes well and that you're able to do this this summer!

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