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Consult is 1 month away. what to expect?

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  • 3 years ago

Needless to say I have read about as much as my brain can process. I'm sure you all understand. I am sure I am getting surgery here in my home town  I have had TONS of people recomend the dr.. My consult is in one month. I want a TT and a lift and probably saline implants. What can I REALLY expect in this first visit? I have spoken to the ladies in the office (LOVE THEM)... I am a MAJOR pre planner so I want all my ducks in a row. I am 5'4" and 128lbs. fluctuates by 5 lbs depending on time of year. and 42 years old. I have had 4 children the first at 17. the second 15 months later and he weighed 10 lbs! theothertwo were under 8 lbs and had one C-Section( no problem and quick recovery) but I gained A LOT of weight with the last one and then lost it. Lost it 5 years after my last was born. so she is 16 now and I have kept my weight steady for 12 years of so. 220 lbs when I had my last 185 even 2 years after she was born :(... Oh well its gone now!  I am like most gals. I want to avoid scars but am willing to trade them to feel better about myself. I am beyond happily married and have been for over 20 years. My husband is the most supportive person in the world.... I'm nervous , excited, you name it. FINALLY I get my body back... gosh I  hardly remember it! I WILL be adding pictures if I can figure out how.. EEEK scary..

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I will say the Dr.'s on here who are so generous with their time have helped me know what I will be most likely looking at. I aam meeting with a baord certified PS. But I will say word of mouth is my only knowledge of him. We ive in a smaller community and I think because of that people dont do much with online reviews..... So I dont have to much ONLINE to go on.One of my friend is a nurse and SHE said she will be going to him in the next few years. Her daughter went. I do know he is a Breast reconstructive specialist.. but thats all I know... Well time will tell. My husband is going in with me.. Thank goodness.. So I have an extra set of ears :)
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Yes that is good to have someone with you for support.  You can both fire away with the questions so that you both feel good about the process. 

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Thanks Kimmers25 I will log the journey.
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Good deal!  I look forward to reading your posts and seeing all the pics.

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The best tips I can give you are to have all your questions written down and take them along to the appointment.   When you are with the doctor your forget things because you are both nervous and excited. 

So as you think of questions over the next month write them down.  No question is a dumb question in the case of surgery.

Discuss your fears and concerns with the doctor, explain to him the size and look you would like to have, ask about his technique and what type of implants he recommends.  And be prepared to have the dreaded pictures taken.  Personally I hated that part...LOL

Stay with all of the wonderful ladies on RealSelf.  They will carry you through the process.


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I have SO MANY questions. I dont know it the 60 min. consult is enough. I am like everyone else I suppose... just nervous and want the outcome to be perfect.

I'm not looking forward to the pictures at all. BUT if it's part of the process then so be it. This site has helped me so much..
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The pictures are not fun in the beginning but you will be glad to have them later.   You will have a ball looking at the before and after pics together.

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