Has anyone been constipated for over a month following tummy tuck?

  • esands
  • 2 years ago

It is killing me. I went to the primary doctor not my surgeon and she told me I had annal fissure. I've never suffered from constipation before. Two weeks after my surgery I was feeling depressed and regret having the surgery. I have four kids and I hated the fact I couldn't do much. So I felt better at week 3. And now I am feeling depressed again over the fact I don't know what is causing me to be constipated i've been taking stool softners and eating just soup because I am afraid to eat anything else. And that hasn't helped.I also hate the fact that I am still swollen in belly. Does anyone know how long does it take for the swollen in that part to go away. I've read stories of people that have had tummy tucks and end up  with Ileus which is intestinal obstruction. I want to get better for my kids and my husband. I hate for them to see me always complaining about something. Usually I am not like that. I can't deny though that I do feel better than week one. My surgeon told me to stop eating rice and to walk more. Besides that he left a piece of suture in my bb which seems like it's getting deeper in my bb since it's almost healed. I hope he doesn't hurt me when he removes it, he said I had to wait till my next visit to have it remove, that is in about 2 weeks. My surgeon doesn't seem to be too supportive he always makes me feel like if I whine to much. May be I do? Has anyone had this problem? I also don't want to scare people that are going to get this procedure I know that everyone is different. I feel weird expressing all these feelings in the internet it's just I wish I could hear from people that have gone through this procedure and they probably know what I am going through without judging. I have people telling me that this is something that I wanted to do and I guess they expect me not to complain or express my feelings.