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I am considering a facelift, however the more I research doctors the more confused I am. Pretty much every doctor in my city and the metro area have mixed reviews and or ratings. Each doctor has some negative reviews either through word of mouth or through online reviews, and some also have positive reviews. One doctor in particular has a few negative online reviews, yet I know of two people who are very happy with his work, and one person who was not a fan. I have had 3 consultations. How do you make a choice?

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I agree to mitchell56.Even the best doctor can make mistakes.The best way is to discuss in forums and know the personal experiences of people who have done the surgery.It is more trust worthy.I know few people who have done breast augmentation Surgery .Dr.Michael kreidstein have done some of those surgeries.I think he does facelift too.But This surgeon is from Toronto.
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Hi confused.  I wanted to share some thoughts on this.  I first had recommendations from my own physicians.  Primarily my dermatologist suggested my PS and I couldn't have been more happy with a required process he did in the late 80's.  In addition, I really believe it's important to find someone with tons , and I mean tons, of experience with the process you are looking at.  With experiences in the procedure comes a refinement of the technique.  On top of that, of course, you would want to see before and after pics.  Keep in mind the photos may be showing you the 'best' that the camera has to offer so take some of it with a grain of salt.  :)  Lastly, I would highly suggest that you choose a PS with whom you have transparency, who is readily accessible to you and also in my humblest of opinions is near enough that you can address any problems that may result and get into their office fast!  This last will be controversial, since I know that many people have great success traveling out of the country for their processes.  So with all due respect to all of those people, it just wasn't for me.  I think in that sense you have to know yourself.  For instance, I came up with a hematoma on my neck on a Sunday morning, called the doctor and he met me at his office right away.  Now how awesome is that to get the "hands on" approach when you're dealing with such a physical and emotional surgery?  So in the end, I 've said before make sure your PS and you can work together as a team through the pre AND post op process.  Good luck in your search and all the best! FG
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It can be tough! Was there any one doctor that was a stand out to you in your consultation?

Here's what some doctors say about finding the best facelift doctor for you.

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Angiemcc- Thanks. I am considering a doctor who did my sister. However, I think that he is a cosmetic surgeon. He did a good job on her. Maybe, it will work well because its in the genes??
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