Confused over where to place implant! advice needed!

  • Biddy2010
  • 2 years ago

I'm 27, mum of 2 and since having my kids my breast have lost quite a bit of volume and I now have loose, quite thin skin. I was previously a large C cup now a small B. I've had 3 consultations, each with equally good surgeons but each have given me very different opinions. One has advised I have the implant under the muscle, the 2nd advised over the muscle and the 3rd suggested the dual plane method. I'm frightened to get it wrong! We've all agreed 280cc implants due to my small frame and I don't want to be too big. Any advice from ladies in a similar situation? Ps - my preferred surgeon suggested over the muscle but I've read lots of comments putting me off this method although I like the idea of the quick recovery! All advice very welcome! Thanks in advance...