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Confused about breast lift through the armpit

  • 6047anon
  • holland
  • 4 years ago

If breast lifting through the armpit is not possible why can I read about "scarless" breast lifts on the internet? Like here:

View 17 doctor answers to Possible to Have Breast Lift Through Armpit or Transaxillary Incision?

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A breast cannot be done through the armpit. If someone is claiming to do it, they most likely try to use implants to fill the breast and create the impression of a breast lift. In Toronto it is usually family doctors who perform cosmetic procedures that would do such a thing. Unfortunately it is up to the patient to make sure the doctor they are talking to has the right qualifications. Board certification in Plastic Surgery is the only certification you should trust. There are many 'boards' and 'societies' that require only membership fees and no proof of qualifications.
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Thank you for your reply
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Hi there, I don't know anything about the site you referred to, but I did click through and noticed that many of those women DO have scars. And many look to have had implants as well as breast lifts. We have many trustworthy and talented doctors here on RealSelf and they all seem to claim that good breast lifts through the armpit cannot be done.

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