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Conflicting advice about tummy tuck with breast lift/aug at same time

  • 800sgirl
  • Coral springs, fl
  • 4 years ago

have seen 2 diff drs,have gotten 2 Totally different opinions.I'm a 31yo who currently has breast implants.I'm healthy,non smoker/drinker.I'm seeking full tummy tuck & full breast lift. I'm also considering replacing my implants,I have been told I will lose some size due to removal of breast tissue for the lift.1 dr told me that both procedures CANNOT be done @ the same time because they would take about 8hours (too long under anestesia. another dr told me he COULD do both @ the same time and the whole thing wouldn't take more than 4 hours (including lipo). dont understand conflicting information.

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A tummy tuck and breast lift can certainly be done at the same time for a healthy patient. A breast lift just removes skin, so you really should not expect much change in actual volume. However, a breast that is lifted may look smaller in a mirror since the tissues have been compacted as they are uplifted.
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Many people do get both procedures done at once. The cute name for it is a Mommy Makeover (though you do not have to be a mom to get it). This combination of treatments is becoming more common.

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