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Confidence After Surgery ? Lost 160 Lbs, Getting TT and Breast Augmentation Done with Silicone Implants !!!

  • Dallas, TX
  • 1 year ago

I am getting TT with breast augmentation ( silicone implants) i have lost about 160 lbs, in my mind and eyes i still feel i am fat, most of it is skin. But right before surgery i can't imagine how i will be flat stomach again. I do have realistic expectataions but i wonder how my confidence will be after there is no more hanging skin and amazing breast implats. Anyone who has a lot of weight-loss can tell me what you feel after the surgery ?

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Wow! Congratulations on losing that much weight! Your transformed body might take some emotional adjustment. We're here for you!

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Congrats on your weight loss! Awesome job! I lost 70 ish lbs. before surgery I had a TT with lipo, ba with lift. I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op and have gone thru all emotions! I'm so happy I had the surgery, I'm still quite swollen but I look down at my tummy and I can't believe it's me! It's hard to fix the inside though! I still feel 250 lbs. my hubby took pics of me yesterday in size 10 jeans and I just looked huge! My best advice if this happens to you is get a therapist. I am! Good luck!
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