Confessions of a Lip-a-holic! Worth it in the long run?

  • SallyAnne
  • New York, New York
  • 2 years ago

Wondering if any of you out there get sick of doing the juvederm/restylane lip dance every 3-6 months? Though I go for the less is more approach, and get small touch ups every 3-5 months (about 1/2 syringe or less), I go back and forth on how I feel about my appearance. Sometimes, it's just great -- pouty, not fish lipped, natural, youthful, pretty. Other times, it looks a bit too inflated and I feel like a duck for a month (of course I notice this more than anyone else -- I'm hyper critical). And then it starts to calm down and I feel pretty -- for about a month -- and then I feel like it's calming down too much and I want another tiny, tiny touch-up. Addicted!  I know my doctor is very careful with me, he understands how little I want and the natural effect I seek to achieve. I see The Real Housewives and they terrify me. And I understand I can't look like Ms. Jolie or Georgia May Jagger. I get it. But I have come close and even as it's kind of sexy, I feel not like myself, unhappy. And I wonder: Why are they so damn puffy this time? He used about the same amount. My question is, is there something that just happens, naturally, if you continue to get injections? As in, is my natural collagen is kicking in and perhaps I don't need to touch up so often and THAT'S what causing more, ahem, inflation? When I first started this treatment, they always looked gorgeous. Totally natural. No one noticed. I never had to use lipliner again. It was that subtle. That was my first year of treatments and I had four small treatments in one year. Fine. Lovely. But after two more years... I dont' know. I'm trying so hard to simply achieve a nice, consistent balance (I know, I know, perfection is impossible) and it seems more and more, my lips look too big. And again, they deflate, I get some more and... you know how it goes. Anyway, I just get sick of it all sometimes. I look at myself in the mirror and think "You are a ridiculous woman. Get a grip. Who cares if your lips are getting thinner? It sure looks better than when they're overly inflated...." There is no way I would ever consider anything permanent (too scary!) and I do love that this stuff eventually just wears off, but I wonder if there's any other juvy/resty lip veterans out there with some good tips. How do you guys space it out? Do you notice changes through time the more you touch up? Do you need to touch up less? And should I just take a break for about a year? Ha! Also, maybe even doctor recs in the Los Angeles area. I love and trust my doc, but perhaps I should seek a second opinion? Thanks to any of you out there reading this! Warmest, Sally