Concerns with second tummy tuck

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I posted "Is it safe to have a second tummy tuck?". Again, I had a tummy tuck 8 months ago. My PS is not sure what happened but acknowledges there is a problem. He thinks the stitches may of come apart but is not sure till he performs the procedure all over again and looks inside me. He assures me this should not happen again?? What is the risk and what do you as doctors think happened? Have anyone had to redo a full tummy tuck? Please help...

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I'm having the same type of issues, but your's looks great compared to mine! My stomach was flat but swollen after my surgery 3 months ago, but now it is so horrible looking. Under my insicion is flat, but above it now looks just as bad if not worse than it did before I had surgery. I have had to change surgeons, I had a terrible infection and a pocket in my abdomen that hasn't healed. So, mine is probably from all that. But, I will have to have another exspensive surgery to get my desired results too. Doesn't it make you sick that you have spent all this money and expect a certain result, only to look in the mirror and not love the results!? It makes me crazy.
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It's an ABSOLUTE bummer to spend a small fortune on a cosmetic procedure that leads to an undesirable outcome! Hope your surgeon will repair you issues at minimal cost to you!
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I'm happy he has acknowledge the problem...Mine almost made me feel like I was making it up...It's unfortunate but I hope he fixes it. Did he do the first one?
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wondering if you had anything else done? I'm schedule for repair to both boobs and tt
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