concerns about possible health problems associated with implants

  • lizzy1234
  • 2 years ago

Does anyone know where I can start looking for information about the real possibility that my silicone implants might be causing chronic fatigue like symptoms? ive been back to my surgeon who simply thinks this is preposterous so i went to an nhs surgeon to ask the same, and he too said it was highly unlikely. however, after 7 years of ill health, i'm seriously starting to think there might be some sort of link, especially as i was an incredibly healthy young adult with no history of illness like this before the implants. 

despite loving my implants and really not wanting to remove them, i'm really finding some indicators that the implants might not be as harmless as is so often indicated:. let me share a few personal examples:

1. about 18 months ago i developed an aggressive looking rash on my torso, especially either side of my breasts and on my breast bone. about the same time i noticed my right implant was slightly firmer, at the time i never thought the rash and implant could be linked. i had numerous creams and eventually  went to see a skin consultant who said they were not sure what it was or how to treat it; consultant felt my body was reacting to something...

2. about 7 months ago , i was sat in work and suddenly experienced incredible pain around my right shoulder blade and the right upper part of my pectoral. i was taken to hospital as my ECG was abnormal. the hospital couldn't find anything else wrong with me after doing various bloods, as routine i went for a scan and found out my right implant had ruptured.

3. within two weeks of having my implants removed and replaced, the rash disappeared from my body completely ( the first time in well over 12 months), although after a few weeks it returned. it was then i started to wonder if the implants were affecting me in any other way.

4. prior to these recent events, i have experienced chronic fatigue like symptoms since 2005 ( 7 years after having implants), i have now been horrified to find i am not alone with this experience and that many women are reporting improvements in health after having their implants removed. i dont wish to scare people out there who have implants and are very healthy as i can clearly see many women have no problems at all; however, i and many other women are experiencing similar things, and i would like to know where i can access advice, research etc to be a fully informed about whether or not i should have them completely removed. thank you for reading...hope to get some more information, links etc soon ( i have already looked at the government and FDA info)

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I'm really sorry you've been through so much. You might want to check out this thread about illness and breast implants. RealSelf's breast implant removal community also has a lot of discussion about silicone implants and illness.