Concerns before Gastric Bypass surgery

  • otownmedic7
  • Nc
  • 5 years ago

I am 24 yrs old. I weigh approx 240 lbs and just had a consultation with a very experienced bariatric surgeon at a well known trauma/teaching hospital. At first I wanted the lap band, then he told me about all the maintenance that comes along with it.

But the whole time he kept saying it was my decision and I would do well with either program. I have read alot of positive and negative feedback. I am nervous about the Gastric Bypass surgery, but I have struggled with weight my whole life. Tried countless diets and dieting pill. Portion control and exercise. Nothing has worked.

To those with the success stories, how was the first 3 months after your surgery? Any complications or pain? How was it the first few days after surgery? Have you had any problems with excess skin? Have you had any problems with vitamin deficiencies? Any info or insight you have would be great.