Anyone concerned about size, especially if weight loss after surgery?

  • Curvaceous-me
  • 3 years ago

Per. Insurance coverage I have to have at least 600cc removed from each breast. I think I am a 38 DDD, but spill out of those bras so I am probably larger, I've never been fitted, so probably wearing wrong size. I guess my concern is that my PS will take too much or not enough. She was thinking 700 cc from each breast. I would love to be a full D, is possible with that much removed? I plan on losing weight and would hate if I am a "c" and then become a "b"! Any thoughts on this???

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I'm having my TT as well, thank goodness! i've been losing but my boobs will never be small with weight loss but I do NOT want them any smaller then a full C, so hopefully I will be a small "D' and then with weight loss possibly go to a "C". I lose in the breast but not much with weight loss.
Ok, but keep this in mind. If your surgeon makes you a D, then you loose weight- the work he has done will be altered. Meaning, it may not be as attractive. you need to have the discussion with him or someone on your staff. Because if you loose the weight after your surgery, he will have to go back in to make changes.

Ladies, the thing you need to thing about is- when you've lost weight before did you lose in the breast area? If you typically do, then yes you will lose some of the fat in your breast area which may alter the work your suregeon had done.

I would suggest you lose as much as you can before your procedure because one thing is for sure-once your breast are done, your abdomen will look larger!
Hey. I have the same concerns. My surgery is May 17. I intend to lose some weight in the future, so to be safe I'm going from an F to a full C. If I lose some weight, hopefully I'll just go into a small C.