Concerned my PS recommended implants too large for my petite frame

  • purplekrayon
  • Valencia, CA
  • 3 years ago

Advised 350cc Mentor round HP silicone under the muscle. I'm 4'11", 100#, 11cm breast dia, w/pseudo-ptosis. Breast fed 3 kids w/ major weight loss. Currently 33" bust w/o bra (32A/B), but want 35" bust (32C). Worried over 300cc is too much, but PS says room for 500cc exist. So 300,325 or 350cc HP???

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I preferred 300cc when I tried them n a bra, but because of the skin issue, I ultimately decided to let Dr. decide on table w/ the stipulation that if a smaller size filled it sufficiently to go w/ the smaller size and capped him at 350cc. He put in 350cc, but said 375 may have been better. I am now 2 mo post op and b/n 32c/32d. They haven't completely settled and hoping that when the drop and fluff they will be closer to the 32c which is what I was before kids. Thanks for the info and opinions.
You have a lot of tissue to fill. Unless you get a lift, a smaller implant might not be enough to fill up your skin.

This is one of the most common questions in the breast augmentation community. And, only you can make the choice of what size implant to go with. (Sorry I'm not more help!) Have you tried the implants in your bra? And if so, how did they feel?