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I am concerned because I have a 4" scare above my belly button and the doctor wasn't sure how he was going to handle this.

  • Worried223
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • 2 years ago

I was wondering if anyone has had a tummy tuck with a previous abdominal scare.

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if your PS is not sure of how to deal with it that will raise a red flag don't you think? are you doing a full TT or mini TT ? when is mini the skin that the PS gets rid of is the one under your bb not the one above, make sure you are asking the right questions.... my csection scar had a small hole in the middle where it got infected and left an ugly looking indent in there that it looked like a second bb my PS was confident enough to tell me that it was going to be gone.... my point of view is bthat every PS has to have the capability to fix anything unless he's a new PS or his confident is not there yet , why don't you go for a second opinion with another PS? and see what happens? are you paying for the surgery? if so I believe you deserve what you are asking for and not doubts from the person doing the job if you are not happy with what he does then you will be unhappy for the rest of your life....Good Luck!!!
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