Compression Garments - what's your opinion? Any research??

  • MommyofEight
  • 1 year ago

I read an article from a PS (on this site), where she stated we shouldn't be wearing them! Her rationale was sound, though it's obvious this is the equivalent of "new age medicine" to PSs, as she is the first one I've heard of suggesting no CG! I understand the concept with a TT, the skin is separated from underlying tissues, so the lymph system is disrupted, and can cause fluid to pool.  Ok.  But, isn't that why they put in drains?  (AND, why do some docs NOT put in drains, anyway?). However, with a breast lift and removal of extra skin, isn't that same physical process being done, and yet, at least I'm not being told to wear a CG for my breasts.  Just a soft front-closure sports bra. However, I wonder, if swelling will occur (as it does in any tissue injury), then the firm counter pressure of a CG may cause a restriction, and possibly flap death from lack of full circulation to the area??  Wouldn't using ice for the first 48 hours be preferred? I'm genuinely questioning if it's better to "follow doctor's advice" and wear the CG, or to smile and nod, then ditch it??  I'm sure a lot of you have experienced the need to disregard doctors' advice before!  I know I have!  A lot of them simply regurgitate what they were taught, versus staying on top of evidence-based practise.  Any thoughts or suggestions???

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I know this is an old question, but that's actually what my PS told me. I wore a binder but no CG because of the possibility of loss of circulation. I can't say it's bothered me in the least either. In fact, I was standing almost upright by the end of week 1, though I don't know if that makes a huge difference or not. Just an observation. :) And hey, nothing wrong with advancing medicine! If medicine was constantly evolving, we'd still be using a mix of saltpeter and sulfur placed onto wounds and lit on fire to cauterize wounds, right? ;) Really, there is nothing wrong with asking and thinking more about it!

I have read of several doctors who don't recommend compression garments, but I also know that many women prefer them and kind of feel like they're "coming apart" when they remove them to shower, etc.

Here's what some doctors say about compression garments.