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Compression Garments in Regular Department Stores ?

  • Katgirl
  • chicago,il
  • 3 years ago

I'm day 8 Post Op from Full TT and Lipo.. I was told when I return to the office (and I'm praying to GOD for these Drains and these incisions removed), that I need a Compression Garment that Zips on both sides and covers the crotch. Nothing that I need to step into and Pull up. Does anyone know if commerical like stores carry these as I've been to hi on those lovely Valiums prescribed to me to be able to purchase one online and receive it in time.. ohhh and to make sure that it FITS.. If anyone knows where to get these. I live in Chicago but the Suburbs is fine.

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hi guys! I've gotten several emails on where I purchased the 2 sided garment. It's a husband and wife company that they run out of their home. If you google you will get to their site. this is the garment that my DR Suggested. he had no idea where I could find it but I googled this garment for a couple of days and found it online. After calling, the husband was so nice, I told him that I needed it in 2 days and he shipped it off for free. hope this helps
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I got my spanx at kohl's and when I needed a smaller one I pulled out my sewing machine, it worked......
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Hey Katgirl am I understanding you correctlty you had a medical grade first then you got the one from Marshalls?
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hi there YES! I'll take pics of the one that i got from Marshalls. The medical grade helps soo much with the swelling and helping to adhere your muscles to the new skin. my swealling has reduced to almost very little (when I do not wear one) .. I purchased another one from Marshalls in the tan color and i'm wearing it today. It's really good and smaller than my Medical grade. If you can afford it, its worth it. Let me know how it turns out.
I'm still sticking to the Medical Grade from wherever it is on my post.. it's Enhancementgarments or something like that.. it's medical grade. looks decent and it works!! I finally purchased one for $16 at Marshalls 2 days ago and it has the hook part from the abs to the upper Abs and it feels great! I have noticed my first garment is becoming a little too big (Yay) and i'm not paying $99 for another right now! .. I was advised not to get the one that you step into but the ones that hook up or zip up.. take a pic on my updates/post to get an idea. I have found that it does make a differnce
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I bought a girdle type thing at dillards and tried it today, it is pull on and goes from right below breasts down to thigh. The damn thing is like a torture tool and I spent 80 bucks on it!! It holds in good enough but for some reason it bothered me more than the binder I got from PS. My question is I found some on and am wondering if anyone has tried them?
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Hi spin

I got a spandex garment at Zellers. It comes just under the bra, like Spanx, but has a panty style bottom, rather than legs. I find it easier to get into than my Spanx.

None of them 'hold me in' like my binder did, but it's time for me to move on from it. Trouble is, the binder gives the support and makes it feel better. I'm still keeping it as an option to put on at night, if my back is sore. I'm still sleeping mostly on my back, and with the binder support, it helps keep my back from hurting.

When I went for the checkup this week, the nurse told me I should stop wearing the binder, unless it was a real bad day. She said that with it supporting me so much, I was not being made to hold my own tummy in, and to use those muscles. She's right too, so I haven't worn it all week.

I have one of those wide black velcro-fastening belts that you wear for back support, that I use at the end of the day if my belly hurts. The PS told me I could use that 'off and on' for about a month, then stop altogether.
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So did any of you find a good compression garment? Im tired of the one that goes dowm my legs, but need more than a panty...something that goes high. If you have any tips let me know. Everyone says spanx but none of those kind of garments hold me in like the hospital grade one does.
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Have you tried the Spanx Slim Cognito? I have that in the panty-type (doesn't cover your thighs). I find that it compresses extremely well that I can't sleep in it, when I sleep I use the white velcro binder I came home in.
I just bought a shaper panty, with legs and high waist, at Zellers. The brand is Sentiments.
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Im getting my "stage 2" compression garment at JcPenny, they also have them at Macy's too. the one I have currently is a legs and tummy one (if im making any sense) like a little body suit.
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Do you know the name of the designer who makes this garment sku# or anything?
Hi there country girl.. I didnt think that i would want the tight compression garment either bit after spending $1000s on this procedure, I want whatever is necessary for my body to be as perfect as it can. The garment is medical grade so it does cost a little more. Im surprised that some drs just require spanx. I finally have on one and did sleep in it last night. So glad it has the easy hooks to get to the restroom! After getting a script for the water pills, you have to go A lot! Ha ha ha
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Hey Katgirl, Im Maria I need a garment, my PS gave me the cheapest garment its just a band i can only wear it with dresses. I drive alot during the day its uncomfortable can you send me the info on where you got your garment? Ill be one month on Fri I'm very satisfies with results the swelling at the end of the day is killing me i think its a combo of the driving and food. Im doing all i can to avoid sodium and gassy foods its a chore,i think a better garment would help, Im so grateful for this forum, my PS was great but his aftercare sucks Ive learned so much from this forum Thank God!!!!!!!!
Hey Katgirl,

Could you email me where and what model/brand of garment you got please?

I'm two weeks from surgery date and need to get one ordered but have no idea what to get and don't have time to browse.

It's true, the Spanx is hard to get into. I tried in my 4th week, and it was a chore!

I haven't seen any like you mean, in a dept store.

I don't think I would want one with side zippers. There's no adjustment in them, and as soon as the swelling goes down a bit, you're screwed. I want something that has a couple of rows of hooks and eyes, like an old-fashioned girdle.
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Thanks angle , after calling around everywhere from maces to nordstroms, no one had the medical grade ones that had side zips. I just ordered online and of course hiking over $85 which is typical price. From what I'm told , it really does make a difference
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Any chance you have a medical supply store in your area? I've never seen these in a department store. I've only seen Spanx type garments, which might work for you after you've recovered a little more.

Can other ladies weigh in?

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