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Compression garment question

  • galaxsi
  • Cleveland, OH
  • 1 year ago

I purchased a garment on sale in the size recommended on the charts and received it yesterday.  It fits fine, no issues getting it on but it is only mildly snug, I wondering if it is not tight enough for post surgery.  I have to order another anyway and wonder if I should size down?  Any thoughts.........

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My PS gave me two garments, the first and the second stage along with the velcro binder. I saw this on groupon,, nice and high. They look comfortable and a great price! Figured I'd post in case anyone was looking for a low priced garment.
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OMG! talk about compression garment or abdominal binder. I probably have 8 now and im only 3 weeks Post OP not including the spanx and etc. I kept on buying trying to find what would work well with me. After my sx i was using this abdominal binder that was really snug, I would say perfect for after the surgery. Then when i started mobilizing more i found that if I wore something too tight or snug it actually inhibited me from standing straight. So, I got something more flexible, i like the flexibility but didnt give me much support that I needed for my abdominal muscles especially 5 days PO. To make long story short, I was bouncing from one binder to another, I am hoping that my recent two purchases are perfect especially now that i am more mobile and Im 90% able to stand and walk straight. The not so snug ones are good when you start swelling and the snug ones are good during daytime. Just my experience :)
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Just in case anyone else has this same question, I did end up sizing down one size. I ordered Contemporary Design's Sculptures, SC-245, from Medico. It is super soft and really stretchy. Presurgery fit is really good. I would highly recommend it, I actually wish they made a stage 2 that would work for me because I would definitely order it!
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i used what the dr provided cause he will size it tohow he feels right- then once i was like 3 weeks i got a corset. better than the velcro thing & SPANX SLIM COGNITO
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Thanks for your post! Here's what doctors say about how tight compression garments should be. I hope you find it helpful.

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