Compression Garment Leaving Indentatio

  • Mw007
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 1 year ago

I had smartlipo done 5 days ago on my abs and and flanks.  I am wearing the compression garment they have me however it seems as if it is leaving as indentation around my waist.  I think it's because I am petite.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I am afraid it will leave a permanent mark.    

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Hi there, welcome!

I'm not sure if it will help, but we do have an article available on choosing the right compression garment. This is related to BBL, but you may be able to pick up some hints such as trying to find a garment without seems.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Kristy - Thanks for the reply...I have gotten through the garment issue and I only have 2 more days left to wear it! Thank goodness. I am 3 weeks post smart lipo (had full abs and flanks done) and I think it's good so far. Small hard lumps in some areas and some areas are still swollen and a little numb...but I'm sure that is normal. I hoping the skin on my abs will tighten up a bit more. Starting back to the gym this weekend and hope that will help. I can definitley tell a big difference when I put in my clothes :). Can't wait to see it three months from now...
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Awesome, so glad you're begining to see some results! It can be a long process, and frustrating waiting for results, but hopefully it will all be worth it!

We'd love if you would consider sharing your experience, by writing a review of your procedure.

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