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Can a compression garment leave an indentation?

  • Tammi79
  • AZ
  • 4 years ago

I just had liposuction of the stomach down to my knees 5 day sago. The compression garmet is causing a deep indentation on both sides of my waist. Will this skin follow this shape?

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I too have a dent on one side of me due to the zipper on my garment. I'm so happy I only have 2 days left then I only have to wear them at night. It's driving me crazy.
I only wore the garment with the zipper for 3 days and quit wearing it. It was killing me and leaving a dent in my waist. I had my flanks done. I went to Sears and bought 2 new tight fitting under garments to wear with no zippers. It cost me around 30.00 for each one but was well worth. I was in to much damn pain from wearing the zipped up one they sent me home with. Just make sure you still get one that fits really snug.
OMG. My side zipper garment is a little long for me ( i am short waisted) and it buckles. I have a little bulge on each side up high where the zipper bulges out. (Zips up both sides) Had smart lipo on 4-15-10. It is now 4-24-10. I am switching into my other one with no zippers asap.
yes!!! i had a compression garment with a side zipper that ended up causing a slight indentation. it is not major, but definitely the results look smoother on the side without the zipper. talk to your PS about changing garments asap! i only wore the zipper garment for several days before switching into a non-zipper garment, but that was time enough for it to leave a slight indent. for now, try to keep the garment as straight as possible; (pay attention to your sitting posture, etc). also, consider massaging the areas of concern (but certainly get permission of your PS first). good luck!