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Best compression garment for hips, thighs and butt???

  • og1980
  • Sacramento, CA
  • 3 years ago


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Hey Libbygirl, the practice where I had my procedure INCLUDED the compression garment in the price of the whole package. I can definitely give you the make etc but it definitely shows the quality of a practice when they include something as important as a compression garment in their price.

It is definitely important from the get-go to have the correct compression garment because the fat you have left behind now needs to 'mould' itself to your body in different areas. I would be more than happy to take more time to discuss any aspects of your upcoming surgery with you.

Best of luck !
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Hi Libbygirl,

Most doctors provide the first compression garment, which is more like a girdle. After that, Spanx are popular (I think you can get them at Target) and like a body suit.

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