Complications post op - wound separation

  • Tartan69
  • 1 year ago

Hi guys I had a breast reduction in August.  Unfortunately 4 months later I still have a large open wound on my right breast.  I was allergic to the stitches which then started to pop out and then I got an infection and following all this, the wound still hasn't closed.  It's about 4x4cm and my PS thinks the only option is to do skin graft.  I have tried duoderm, kaltostat dressings but nothing helping.  Any ideas?  Also, if anyone has been through skin graft can they advise me? Thanks a million, it is quite depressing having done all this for aesthetic reasons (and mega back pain)!

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Hi Tartan69, Where did you have your incisions? Do they lie under the breast or are they on the actaul skin fold between the breast and your chest wall/ribcage?
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Incisions were beneath breast and then down the middle. I've had swabs taken recently and no sign of infection... It's becoming very frustrating!
Hi Tartan69, It's sometimes inflammation which can cause this. Have you asked if anything has been left inside? A small swab or something? Sometimes if there is a barrier to healing it can be anything from infection, something inside, or tissue which is inflamed, or necrotic (dead) . But the area would smell. Grafts may be the answer and perhaps your PS can then see what is stopping the areas healing properly?
I had a swab on the side which has had the big opening and it came up negative for any infection. I have been allergic to the internal dissolvable stitches which is what caused the stitches to split in the first place but i'm not sure why 4 months later, still not healing properly...
when i had my BR done both my breasts came open on the intersection of incisions and my Doctor told me to put neosporin antibiotic and he also prescribe antibiotics. but i had to take the antibiotics for about a month to a month and a half. it was quite scarry untill it closed completely.
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