Complications after surgery...infection and maybe allergic reaction to sutures, advice please??

  • proudmominpa
  • Bridgeville, PA
  • 2 years ago

I had a breast reduction 3 and 1/2 weeks ago. One week after the surgery it was clear that something was wrong.  I went into my PS office and the P.A. said that both breasts were infected, along the horizontal incision lines underneath each breast.  Antibiotics were started.  I went back 2 days later and he opened the incision underneath the left breast because an absess had formed.  I have been packing it 3 times a day since.  I finished 10 days of Cipro and returned to the PS today.  I was seen by another P.A. (who had not seen me before, BTW have not seen the doctor since the day of surgery).  The wound under the left breast is still open and still needs to be packed.  The incision line under each breast is still very red, very irritated and painful and doesn't seem to have gotten better at all. She prescribed another round of Cipro and said that perhaps I am allergic to the sutrues/stitches that were used.  I now have discoloration that is spreading up the breast from the horizontal incisions, it's not red like the incision area, but more of a dark orage-ish color.  She thought it was bruising from the procedure, but I told her it was not and that it had recently started.  I feel like no one in the office is giving me much information at all.  I go back in a week but am getting tired of feeling so horrible and not knowing really what's going on.  I have also been having a good bit of spitting sutures.  I am going to see my PCP tomorrow, just to try to get some information as to what's going on.  Has anyone experienced anything like this??  Thanks so much.