Serious Complications, Anyone Else?

  • Lovemykiddos
  • 3 years ago

I am 6+ weeks post op and am struggling emotionally with a couple of complications that I had as part of my surgery experience.   Did anyone else have bad bleeding after their tummy tuck that required additional surgery to get it under control?  Is this a typical complication and not a serious one, and I'm just being silly thinking that it was a big deal?   Apparently I had some hematomas that started bleeding a few hours post op and that evening I underwent 2 more hours of surgery to get things under control.  I'm glad I am okay of course, but it was terrifying and I felt as if it was down-played as if it were no big deal.  (In my mind, getting put back under, getting that darned irritating breathing tube re-inserted, and being re-opened was a VERY big deal.)  Ironically I had posed this concern to my doc during a pre-op visit and even said I was interested in donating/storing my own blood for precaution as is recommended for consideration in the paperwork.  My doc very quickly said specifically that there'd be no such problem and there was no need to take such a precaution.  This just has not sat well with me.   Also, if you did have blood loss, did your doctor ever order a CBC on you at any time after the day of the surgery / bleeding? I'm also wondering if anyone else experienced ileus?  I was prescribed iron for the blood loss and I imagine that this combined with regular doses of vicodin for 5 days and morphine for an extra day (because of the dual surgeries) was a recipie for disaster when it came to my bowels.  Unfortunately, I was in after-care for 6 days and altho I repeatedly mentioned my concern that I hadn't had a BM to my nurses, there was no other follow up besides being told "it's ok, colace is in your regimen".  I accepted this answer and was discharged after 6+ days in after care wtih still no BM.  Two more days later I ended up in the ER with severe impaction and then had to get admitted back into the hospital.  I was so afraid that the cramping and the weird positions I kept getting placed in (sorry for the TMI) would have implications on my surgery, however my surgeon never phoned me back after I called the office 3 times practically in tears during my 8-hour ER visit.  Subsequently I was told by the assistant that my surgeon "doesn't treat constipation" (I was calling to get reassurance/support, not to get treatment for constipation).  Has ANYone experienced ANYthing like this?  I can't let go of the painful memories of this experience and I'm trying SO hard to do so.     Sorry if I seem negative and dramatic.... my normal personality is positive and I've typically had great experiences in the past with my medical care providers.  I just haven't been able to let go of these parts of my surgery (I'm sure the fact that I was recently told by my doctor that I have 2 areas that will require in-office fixes isn't helping!!!  Argh.... more $$$$...... sigh.......).   Also if you have had any other serious complications (or at least complications that were serious to you), please feel free to offer me some advice on how to get beyond it emotionally.  If it weren't for my AMAZING children that put a smile on my face every day, I'd probably be battling depression right now!   Thanks in advance.

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Yes the actual procedure seems to have gone well. I just have so much pain everywhere else. I am taking it one day at a time. Lots of swelling as well everywhere on my body
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my goodness how awful for you.I had a tt on 14th Feb and everything went well but what you have been through was my worst nightmare.i don`t think your treatment has been good but i was warned of that complication as well before my surgery but the dr.said it was extremely rare.Maybe you have been really unlucky to be the odd one it happens to. concentrate on getting well and enjoying your flat tum.good luck
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I just had to undergo the same thing. I had two surgeries yesterday. TT with liposuction and tightening of the muscles. Then went in again for two hours to stop bleeding. I am sore in my throat my chest and my arms and the surgery site is not a big issue. I am also traumatized. I haven't had a bowel movement either. I feel like I was hit by a truck.
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I had a tummy tuck on November 9,2012 am actually going through something very similar. I week post op I noticed a small bruise on the right side if my abdomen, the following week I saw the doctor again and I had a hemotoma. He said to apply heat. Two days after the last visit (thanksgiving morning) I had to see the doctor again and at that time my stomache was completley swollen he then placed a drain. I had it for 5 days it came off, I thought I was getting better and two days safter the drain came off I was still bleeding so I went back and he put amother drain(small one this time) I still have it. It's still draining it's like liquidy blood. I"m worried the fluid is still flowing. I don't know what else to do

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Oh my I am sorry that you had complications. I had a small seroma and 3 DVT's (blood clots) that developed 3 weeks after my TT...It was definately a roller coaster of pain and alot of appointments, but everything for me is great now. I hope your doing well and I will pray for a speedy recovery!
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Dear Lovemykiddos,

I know it's almost a year since this post. But I find it as I am going through similar case. At 6day post-op, I experienced heavy bleeding and it was one of the most painful experience since I had my babies :). Literally, I felt as my belly was inflating and burning me inside. I can tolerate pain very well but this made me cry and not only that but after 4 hrs after the bleed I almos passed out; chills, cold sweat, dizziness, loss of air. Guess what the nurse advise me just bed rest that I was doing too much and wait until the next day for my post op appt. (Dr was not available) They even changed my appt time to later on because Dr was performing surgery; in the end he wasn't even there. Although this appt was scheduled even before my surgery. I am still trying to cope with this, my biggest concern are my kids, they need me back to normal:) I would love to hear an update from you :) Hope that 1 year post op all things are good
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Lovemykiddos did you go to ER? what did your PS said??
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Hi there,

I'm sorry you're going through this. Your distress comes through loud and clear in your post, and I don't blame you. Things that seem common and every day to surgeons are huge deals to us because it's our bodies they're working on.

Here's what some doctors on RealSelf have to say about hematomas after tummy tuck.

Please don't worry about being negative or dramatic. A tummy tuck is a big deal, and we're here to offer comfort, support, and information.

It sounds like you and your surgeon are having/have had a serious communication disconnect. I truly hope you can get back on track with each other and that you heal quickly and get through this painful time.

Hugs! Please let us know how you're feeling.

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