Complication with gummy bear implant

  • Jvallee
  • Newport News, VA
  • 2 years ago

I had double mastectomy and reconstruction with gummy bears 4 years ago. A couple of months ago, I noticed I had a pea sized "hernia" (for lack of a better description) where the implant can be felt just below the skin.  This has grown to the size of a quarter. I have an appt with dr next week but want to know if anyone else has ever had this problem.

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I just had my right implant removed 2/14/12 for this same issue. I had swelling, pain, skin redness, then three areas the size of a pencil eraser which had scaling red skin that gave way to an open hole exposing my cohesive gel implant. Cultures came back negative for any bacterial infection. My Dr had used alloderm in the reconstruction and at time of implant placement. Had a lot of redness after fat grafting which led to an almost constant red breast but with no pain, no fever, but significant swelling...the implant appeared to have turned. Dr said to keep watching it. Sores developed over two weeks,,,quickly got worse. Feel much better without implant but still upset to have spent three years going through reconstruction and lose the implant (three yrs to the day I had my mastectomies). Now have open wound with wound Vac to drain and speed healing. I'm opting for no more reconstruction in the immediate future. I need a break ato regroup mentally and physically and see what options I have, if any, for the future. I'm not interested in flap or tram procedures right now after the pain of the last few years. Hope everything works out for you.