How common is hypopigmentation after Fraxel Repair?

  • tls315
  • Iowa
  • 4 years ago

I have been using tretinoin cream .5% for the last 6 months and have sun damage which has left fine lines and laxity in my cheeks and jowls. I am 43. I have never been someone to wear makeup because I always have a lot of color in my face. My biggest fear is to end up with hypopigmentation or colorless skin. Can anyone tell me just how many documented cases are there with hypopigmentation caused by fraxel?

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Hi tls, I have heard of one case of hypopigmentation with Fraxel repair. That patient suffered a burn and subsequent scarring that healed very well. In fact a colleague just today sent me a link of a news segment about her case (,0,116214.story ). Her experience has been well documented here on RS. Interestingly, she looks very good now that she has healed. I have not personally seen or heard of any other cases of hypopigmentation (which was very common with older traditional CO2 lasers). Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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