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Is it common to have a facelift revision?

  • kbarbee
  • Ohio
  • 2 years ago

I had a lower face lift, neck lift and neck liposuction done 5 weeks ago. It looked fabulous for first few weeks while there was still swelling. Healing has gone very well also. About a week ago I noticed everything began to loosen again. My jowls, which was my primary concern have come back. Certainly not to the point they were prior to surgery but my jawline has relaxed so much and there are little loose skin pouches. I am so disappointed. Nobody has even commented that I look any different. I scheduled an appt. to talk to my surgeon next week and it will be a difficult appt. for me. I find it hard to ever complain but I do not think I should see this at only 5 weeks out. I am also concerned about the money and hope that he will not charge me for a revision. Just so disheartening when I finally got up the nerve to have the surgery. Any one out there with advice or similar story? I would appreciate any feed back. And will a revision cause more scarring? Please advise, thanks!