how come some plasic surgeons use blood thinners and some dont?

  • jooooo
  • 2 years ago

Comments (3) ps doesn't use thinners and said he prefers the
Airpumps during surgery,then when he's happy I'm moving
Around enough he takes them off then puts the stockings on. Just think
Its strange why some do and some don't. X
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Hi my ps instruct me to use the blood thinner at home for 10 days. I had to inject myself. (actually I had my fiance do it). Hated it! But my ps said he wanted to make sure I did not have a problem with clotting. Must have worked, no clots. I did have some bruising where the shot was injected in some areas. 10 days of shots hated it!!!
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Most do during the surgery and give you an additional shot the next morning if you stay overnight. There are a few docs who Rx blood thinners for at home use, you inject yourself for a week to 10 days post op. Research suggests this is a good measure for those prone to blood clots. Most will agree it's overkill for those not at risk but a good precaution nonetheless. When I consulted 3 top ranked, board certified docs in my area, only one did the at home post op shots. I think it was called Levonox.
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