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Plastic Surgeon Forms That Make You Promise Not to Write Anything Negative About the Doctor!

  • Juliabars
  • Seattle, WA
  • 2 years ago

Has anyone come across this? It frightens me to think that some doctors only have 5 stars reviews because patients signed their forms agreeing not to write negative, even if objective, reviews on third party sites.

Have any of you experienced this of which you can warn us?

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I received the form to sign less than an hour before my surgery. It said among other things "So as to protect Physician's reputation, as consideration of evaluation or treatment, I the Patient, agree to directly or indirectly disclose information into the public domain about my treatment with Physician only [underlined] according to the following terms and conditions. I agree to disclose only after I obtain and receive written pre-authorization (not reasonably withheld) in advance from Physician about my evaluation or treatment with Physician." I would now ask in the consultation stage to see all forms to be signed before surgery. This form had me agree that I had been given the opportunity to ask questions and receive satisfactory and adequate explanations. Not true.
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Wow that's completely ridiculous. Thank you for sharing that. Can I ask who it was? I'm not sure if we are allowed to name names, but I don't see why not.
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I've heard of this too (we wrote about it here and there are some interesting opinions from surgeons in the comments).

Doctors who use contracts like this have their own reasons for doing it, but I agree with Kirsty -- personally, it would make me think twice about using that doctor. Even if the goal is to stop abuse, such as people telling lies or spamming, IMHO it also stops legitimate conversations.

Julia, you can name doctors on the forum, as long as it's your own opinion or experience that you're sharing.

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Nice, thanks for the link!
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Am I allowed to list the name of the doctor or is it against's policy?
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I've come across this while researching a plastic surgeon for fat transfer, and the doctor I found had all five stars, not a single four, until I googled his name a little further and found a yelp review that said this: the patient forms state that patients are not allowed to give negative reviews once forms are signed. Luckily the yelp girl read carefully and warned us all of what's out there....
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Hi there,

I haven't personally come across this, but I have heard of it. It would definitely be something that would make me reconsider my choice of surgeon!

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