I have a combination of ice pick and others. I need to know what treatment & what makeup tips to use to cover indents.

  • Hope11
  • 3 years ago

I'm struggling with ways to cover the indents at the moment. I'm undergoing V-beam laser to help fade the color/redness but what other treatments can i use to help with the indents? I'm a IV or V on Fitzpatrick scale so a lot of the resurfacing types of procedures aren't recommended for my skin type. Also if anyone is aware of some good strategies to camoflauge to the best the indents please do share!

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Hi Hope11, primer, BB cream, and mineral powder. They do a good job covering scars and marks.
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Hey there! I have the same problem, and I'm looking for the best solution to erase the big icepick marks on both my cheeks. However, I found out the using primer will help your skin texture look better and healthier
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Hi Hope,

A similar question was asked in our doctor Q&A about What Works Best to Conceal Acne Scars. Also here are the "worth it" reviews for Acne Scar Treatments. They might help.


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