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Combination Cellulaze and Smart lipo Triplex

  • docblinski
  • Miami,Florida
  • 2 years ago

Did my first major combination of Cellulaze and Smart Lipo Triplex today. The Grade of cellulite was Grade IIc, IIIa, IIIb on the outer, lower anterior and posterior thighs. Surface area large. The Smart lipo Triplex + lipo of melted fats was on the complete abdomen, hips, back, arms. Triplex setting was 20 watts 1064/1440 nm wavelength, blend 3, delivered 50,000 joules. Amount suctioned was 1,950 cc's. Surgery time 4 hours+, under general anesthesia and tumescence local (4 liters). The Cellulaze can not be done in same body areas as te liposuction. So in 3 months will suction the thighs. The early on the operating table results looked great. Will post photos of befores, during and afters. Regards dr. B, MIAMIĀ