Columella Scar treatment

  • VDV in london
  • 2 years ago

Hello,   I wanted to know if anyone had problems with a columella scar after rhinopasty.I have attached some pictures.So hopefully that might explain things better.After my second rhinoplasty i developed a little "bump"inside my left nostril just where the incision was made.Unfortunately this now makes the incision look darker and if someone looks at it then it looks obvious that i had a nose job.About a year ago someone did ask me if i had a nose job(horrible moment) and it was because they noticed the incison scar.   About 2 months ago my surgeon repositioned the incision but did not remove the bump.All he had to do was remove the bumop and it would have been fine.After the stitches were removed it all looked fine but a few weeks later it does not look like he has done anything.I was told by a surgeon on this site that I should wait 9-12 months but i dot think this will help as the bump is the problem.   Im just asking for some options because im not prepared to risk someone else noticing it.Which is a shame as the profile and the overall nose has been done really well.   Thanks,   ricky