Is collagen buttock injections safe?

  • Julie_P91
  • 10 months ago

A friend of mine happened to get collagen injected inside of both buttocks (I believe 500cc) I know it's currently illegal in the US but how safe is this when it's being done in people's homes? What are the risks or are there any risks? Thanks!

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There are huge risks in getting injections done at someone's home as it is not a sterile environment.  There is a reason these type of injections are not legal.  Here is a good Q&A thread about the risks.

From what I've seen on RealSelf, it sounds like a Brazilian Butt Lift is the best option to achieve a fuller butt. 
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My question is geared more towards 'collagen' injections. I want more insight on this.
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Totally understand, but the sterile environment issue is the same no matter what the injection is.  I hope you find more info!
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