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What clothing to wear to surgery?

  • Bella863
  • Orlando, FL
  • 1 year ago

I was wondering what clothing to wear to the surgery. I am thinking about after the surgery and if it was hard to get your blouse or T-shirt back on.  Should I wear something I won't have to try to get over my head?  I aven;t seen this question or subject covered before, and I was just wondering what everyone else did.  

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Something you can zip or button up and take a nap or sleep in overnight. I came home from surgery and dozed off...wish I hadn't had to put a sleep shirt on!
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Something comfortable. I wore fleece pajamas, a pull over tank and button up top. The nurses will dress you..mine did.
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Kimmers is rite wear shirt that has buttons and fits comfortably preferably pajamas .
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Thank you ladies. I'm thinking one of hubbys big old dress shirts. I'm know hes got a bunch he never wears.
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Wear either a button up pajama top or a zip up hoodie.  Anything that you do not have to pull over your head is best.  

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