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Clothing - first month after tummy tuck - Please respond

  • Oksana14
  • 9 months ago

I'm pretty certain that I will be getting a tummy tuck next year. I am aware of the pain and the importance of having someone to help around the house in the very beginning but what about clothes? What did wear? I understand that I cannot wear tight fitting clothing but I totally do no want to wear overized bagging shirts and pants. Will a loose fitting dress or blouse due?

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Loose clothing like sweat pants with or without string tie, loose skirt, yoga pants for a few weeks after.
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I have lots of sun dresses and maxis. Sounds simple enough :-) thank you both!
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1st 2wks at home most the time so I just wore yoga pants and tanks.. whenever I left the house I wore sundresses which were SO Comfy!! Around 6 wks I was able to add lightweight capris.
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If I were doing it in the summer, I would wear maxi dresses all the time! Maybe some dark colored ones in case I had leaky drains. Honestly, the first few days I just work a bathrobe at home, but as I spent more time up and about, I wore long shirts/tunics and stretchy pants or leggings. I am not a sweatpants girl, so I hear what you are saying.
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