Closed Revision Rhinoplasty - Are there limitations to this procedure?

  • mbfs
  • rhode island
  • 4 years ago

I wish to have a revision rhinoplasty using the closed technique. The issues I would like to address include: shortening the projection of my nose as I believe that it "sticks out" too far from my face; reducing nostril show/hanging columella; and general improvement of the rounded and overall unnatural appearance of my nose. Can these goals be accomplished through a closed revision? In particular, shortening the projection of my nose and refining the shape (particularly from the profile and 3/4 view) to a more attractive, natural shape. Thank you very much.

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Hi mbfs, Yes, the goals of your rhinoplasty can be achieved through a closed approach. More importantly than approach is your choice of surgeon based on results, skill, and experience. I would let your rhinoplasty surgeon decide the best approach to your rhinoplasty. Good luck and be well. Dr. P