Has anyone gone to clear choice in San Antonio, Texas and worked with the prosthodontist Alfonso Monarres?

  • HarleyQ1022
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 3 months ago

I am 28 years old and I have bad teeth. Long story short I didn't get to go to the dentist a lot and now I need a lot of work done. My dentist had told me that besides all of the root canals and braces,( which would take a few years) that  I would also need 8 implants. The last time I saw my dentist he told me that I needed to much work done and that he couldn't see me anymore, I couldn't help but to burst into tears I was so embarrassed!!!. I had an appointment with clear choice and they said that I should go with the all on 4 procedure and they quoted me  $40,000. In a lot of the pictures and the video they make you watch I see a lot of older people who are already use to wearing dentures and I m scared because I m not. I m very cautious about this so I am trying to do all my home work. I am so scared to loose all of my teeth, and at the same time happy at the thought of not being in pain any more and having a smile that I wont be embarrassed or ashamed of.  I would appreciate any advice anyone had to offer me I don't really know what to do...