Cleansing before surgery

  • susan33
  • 2 years ago

Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not it would be helpful to do a cleanse before surgery, just to eliminate some of the toxins in your body?  I've been thinking about doing one a week or so before my surgery, but my husband doesn't think it's a good idea.  What do you think?

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I wouldn't do anything unusual before your surgery. Your doctors assess your readiness for surgery based on your lifestyle as well as whatever pre-surgery tests (EKG, blood work, medications you are on). Doing a cleanse is a very restrictive process as I understand it. I think your doctors would dissuade you as well.
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Hi Susan,
My opinion only but.... being in good health and in good nutritional status is more important then cleansing 'toxins'. Toxins isn't really a medical issue. Our bodies are clever at sorting out any issues in terms of anything unnatural, eg drinking alcohol. Our liver will metabolise anything considered poisonous to the body.
Yes be well hydrated and eat a wide range of foods rich in anti-oxidents such as citrus fruits, roughage and protein all in moderation. If you do that before and after your BR your body will cope with anything else such as anaesthesia, pain killers etc and you will recover well. Just my view... and i hope it helps! Debs uk
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