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Cleanse/Detox before TT???

  • mom23monkeys
  • 3 years ago

Hi all, I am curious if anyone has done a cleanse or detox before surgery and if that helped with your recovery at all? In the past I've done 3-4 detoxes, where I eat only raw fruits and veggies to detox my system.  And then I add back lean proteins, beans/nuts/seeds.  I always feel great after that and my plan is to do that 2 weeks prior to my TT.  But just curious if anyone else is planning on doing any type of cleanse or detox?

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My PS had me fast on clear liquids for 24 hours before my tt and do two enemas that day also. Oh man, my sides were so sore by the end of that day!
I think it's a great idea to be cleaned out though. Helps with the constipation issues.
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I made the mistake of eating Mexican food the day before my surgery and ended up with an involuntary flush the morning of surgery.....don't go there.  Not fun at all.

I would say that eating healthy before a surgery would be a good thing.  Clean eating and proper rest so that your system is in peak condition for the surgery. 



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