Clarification on augmentation and mastopexy later

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  • 4 years ago

I posted this question a few days ago. For clarification purposes: I am interested in a full DD end result. While my ptosis is grade 3 my nipples do not point downward. The surgeon I am considering knows I need a full lift but thinks the 600-800 range will get me where I want to be, but wants to do the augment first to let everything stretch out and "fall into place" before the lift to give me the best result vs tightening it all and then re-stretching. I guess my question is, does this make sense?

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I agree with other comments posted: 600-800cc implants seem inappropriately large and separating the procedures seems unnecessary. The lift is desirable because of your nipple position and breast laxity. Neither would be corrected with implants. "Blowing up the balloon" with large implants will create excessively large, still very droopy breasts. Reshaping your breast and elevating your nipple-areola complex and breast back up onto the chest will play an important role in helping you achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Finding the right size implant for you is very important, but the way to do so is fairly straightforward. In your preoperative consultation, using trial sizers and/or 3-dimensional imaging will help you find the implant size that fits your chest and gives you the balance and proportionality you seek. Some of my respected colleagues prefer breast implants and lift to be separate procedures; many of us plastic surgeons will perform the two procedures at the same time. This is an area where experts disagree.
I would recommend a second opinion. It is not possible to determine how lax your skin is through this picture, but by the look of it you do have skin that will stretch under the pull of a 6-800 cc implant. There is no mastopexy/breast lift that can hold up such heavy implants when the skin is very stretchy
What makes sense is that you do not need a 600 or 800 cc implant. I would question the surgeon. You are a very thin woman and small in diameter. The above implants will over power your body. They cannot be placed under the muscle because yours is to small. They will also extend under your axillas (arm pits). THey will create a severe amount of torque to your neck and shoulder areas. If you keep them in long enough, I would suspect that you would develop kyphosis. Be more realistic in size and have a lift performed at the same time..