Cincinnati Smart Lipo doctor recommendations

  • asmith01
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • 5 years ago

What Drs can perform Smart Lipo? I found only 2 Drs in Cincinnati who perform this procedure; however, none of them are board certified plastic surgeons. Referrals would be appreciated.

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I know Dr Atluri and have seen her work. She is very experienced, dedicated and competent. The other physician may also be very good. I just have no information. As to the title behind the name, that has some significance, but experience and reputation are by far more important. We do SmartLipos and other body jet water lipos in Indiana and always have former patients willing to speak with new prospective patients. Perhaps your Doctors in Cincinnatti might be able to give you some similar insight. Having a conversation with people who have "been there" is invaluable. Best of luck in your search. Chris Peers MD Peers Cosmetic Laser Care