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How to chose the right surgeon??

  • Mikeysgirl0528
  • 5 months ago

Hi everybody! I just want to know, how did you ladies make your final decision on who would do your mommy makeover? See, I am going to Dr. Salama in Miami scheduled for August for the MMO then returning the following August for a BBL and for a long while I was dead set. I love the way he sculpts butts! Breasts look really good too. Unfortunately not many reviews for tummy tuck and not many pics either. I sorta just want to take a leap of faith but want to be smart and well informed too! Should I just trust and believe or keep looking? Is there better out there or go with my gut? Help me girlsss! I could really use some advice! Xoxo

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I too would ask for photos I chose him for BBL based on how good he is sculpting an doing the lipo not just the booty based off the results from that alone I would say he's probably amazing but never hurts to request prior work photos
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He does have pretty amazing lipo and sculpting skills. Its what caught my eye in the first place so I figured why not use him for MMO as well since I need it :) after inquiring about both procedures he suggested I do MMO first :D im so excited! Gonna check ur review now thanks!
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Thanks for your post! Was Dr. S. able to provide you with photos of TTs he's done? Maybe if you ask directly you can get some good pics that will help you make your decision.

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Angie, I have seen all his website photos but I guess It wouldn't hurt to ask for more. There we only a few MMO photos and a few TT photos too. He mainly does BBL as many here can attest that he is the booty man! Lol
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