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Choosing a surgeon - OH, PA or VA

  • Connie1066
  • 2 years ago

I really need help and hope that someone will come to my aid. I live in a rural area of Ohio..  I have spent many hours trying to research the best rhinoplasty surgeon in my area, but none of the local surgeons specialize in rhinoplasty or facial surgery, and none of them routinely perform rhinoplasty procedures.   Here are my questions:

(1)     The following cities are within five hours of my home:  Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Charlottesville, VA and Charlotte, NC.  Has anyone had a good experience with a rhinoplasty specialist in any of these areas (or even nearby these areas)?  

(2)     If I need to travel further away to get the optimum result, I am certainly willing to do so; however, if there is some problem that needs follow-up, would it not be preferable to have a doctor who is within four or five hours?

(3)     What is the best way to find a good rhinoplasty specialist?  Are there any books, referral services, etc.?  

(4)      What is the best gauge of the final result?   I understand that there is no way to know what the exact result will be - however, is it best to focus on the surgeon’s before and after computer images, or to concentrate on his/her before and after real-life patient examples? 

(5)   Some surgeons in my area even do not even do computer imaging.  Is this a negative factor? I feel that the choice of a surgeon is a critical decision.  Please help!!