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Chin Reduction Surgery in London or Brussels?

  • Gemcateyes
  • 1 year ago

Hey! I've been wanting to get jaw surgery for awhile now, It's not that my jaw in big, but it leans towards maculine looking so i hate certain angles in photos~ My chin isn't pointed but flat/ square like which doesn't help with my square jaw. I can't seem to find ANYWHERE to do it here in europe, i live in london though i'd prefer somewhere in europe like france or belgium where it is more affordable yet still great quality. I was hoping anyone would know where I could have this procedure done.

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I can reccomand you tooting medical center i had similar problem. They have good surgeons and they made my jaw looking good here is the site
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I clicked through on the "Find a Doctor" tab (near the top of the page) and there are currently 2 facial plastic surgeons in London who are active on RealSelf. You could check out their profiles, read the answers they have provided in the Q&A section, and read their reviews to see if they might be someone you want to consider having a consult with.

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