chin implants what size?

  • ysnow2012
  • 9 months ago

Hello everyone,I'm in the process of searching for the right size and shape of chin implant. My question is how did you guys decide? what was the determining factor that helped you decide between two different sizes and or shapes. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.Thanks.

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I know this question is 2 months old, but thought I'd reply incase anybody comes along later on. I'm basically letting my surgeon decide, he made an immediate suggestion based on his observations but showed me the "sizer implants" which are basically blue reusable (they sterilize them in the autoclave) models of the actual implants. They will have the "sizers" in the office during the procedure and he will try different sizes/styles until he is certain he has just the look we are both going for. So while the plan for me is to use an Extended Anatomical size 2, that could change in the operating room after he tries the sizer in place, hope that helps.