Chin implant and rhinoplasty-will my real smile return?

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i am 5 weeks post chin implant and rhinoplasty...  i can make a  smile but it is not as big as my real smile and therefore makes me look a little strange.  it feels tight when i smile.  Half of  my lip and chin are still numb so bottom lip covers bottom teeth.  I'm praying my real smile will come back soon...will it?  also i have developed a dimple in my chin...on the numb side....Do you know what that is from?? Will it go away? 

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had medium implant replaced for a smaller one 5 weeks out..(figured try that before taking it out all together) I knew the medium one was way too big for my face and sitting on a nerve which made it hard for me to smile....first implant was buckling which was causing bump and numbness and made my lips and face look odd. As soon as i got it replaced smaller, there was an immediate difference in my looks. However it took about another 4-5 weeks after that for the nerve to heal and the numbness to go away--but i didn't care because i looked normal. If you hate it, get it taken out. The doctors never want to admit they are wrong.
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i'd love to know how your recovery turned out. i'm having the chin taken out on Wednesday. the chin doesn't seem in the middle even though the doctor claims that it's screwed in. just hoping that i'm not set up for another disappointment. \
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I look like I had a stroke. I can't stand for people to see me. 5 weeks postop. the doctor is taking it out on Wednesday. I'm very worried.
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I had the implant removed yesterday and I'm very happy. But the doctor started warning me about things he should have told me prior to the implant and not after the explant, Its amazing what I learn here. He mentioned that there will be sagging, but said it was my chin's fault. I guess he's protecting himself.
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had my implant taken out today and all of my symptoms vanished. the doctor made me feel like a little kid that failed a test.
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