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Chin/Chins best option for me...

  • NJGURL08822
  • 10 months ago

Was @ 2 CONSULTS and was told not good canidate for any chin work.I have had this all my life and looking to get some definition or even better,see my jawline.Please tell me whats a good procedure for me and if your in NJ .SIDE NOTE- Overweight or @ at a healthy BMI I have this losing weight is not a solve all in this case.ty rea,would you like to take me on??? TY

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I was told i was not a good canidate because i said i was not interested in chin implant and they said without that i would have alot of sagging and not much difference would show, meaning definition and contour, so little discouraged
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Got it! I agree chin implants are a little scary. They make such a dramatic difference in some, though. That would be a dilemma.

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Thanks for your post! Why were you told you weren't a good candidate?

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