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Can I have children with Dysport?

  • daniela.octavian
  • 1 year ago

I would like to have a child and I want to know how long it is forbiten to get pregnant?  

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I have had botox both times I got pregnant, but of course I did not touch up while pregnant or breastfeeding. Both kids very healthy, intelligent and active.
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Great question, and I'm glad you are doing your research to make sure you have a safe pregnancy. Here is some info:

Is Dysport or Restylane Safe While Trying to Have a Baby?

Would Dysport Have Any Adverse Effect on Pregnancy?

Are There Any Dysport Side Effects on Pregnancy?

I Had Dysport Injections 5 Months Into Pregnancy, Should I Be Worried?

Wishing you a healthy and wonderful pregnancy!

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