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Can a chemical peel reduce pore size?

  • bbowman
  • georgia
  • 4 years ago

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No, I don’t think getting a chemical skin peel will help reduced the size of your pores since this skin treatment is about deep exfoliation or peeling of the skin; hence it’s benefits are that of revealing new skin and removing blemishes.

I would rather recommend that you have dermaroller treatment instead of a skin peel to help reduce your pores. This skin treatment use a little roller that has lots of microneedles on it, and through this process of microneedling the skin, we create tiny microchannels. What these do is they stimulate the skin and actually produce a little bit more collagen and leave the skin looking smoother and brighter.

Find a skin clinic that offers a dermaroller treatment and be sure that only a certified medical practitioner will do the procedure so you will get fantastic results. I recommend aurora skin clinic for I always get wonderful experience from getting their facial treatments.
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Personally, I would stay away from chemical peels for these conditions. They are harsh and seemed to be more effective on sun damaged skin. If you are prone to broken capillaries, it will probably make the condition worse. Any improvement you see to the pores will likely be from exfoliation (which can be accomplished with gentler methods) and inflammation that superficially shrinks the pores for a short period. Inflammation is one of the major causes of aging throughout the body and with harsh procedures like chemical peels, inflammation can last up to two year depending on how sensitive your skin is and how fast you heal. In my experience, there is usually a trade off for these kind of procedures. It is best to take a slower, more methodical approach to correcting problems, such as dietary and lifestyle changes. Most of these cosmetic procedures are quick fixes that don't hold up over time. You end up trading one problem for another. In terms of diet, you can start adding supplements that strengthen capillaries. Andrew Lessman (HSN) makes a Circulation & Vein Support capsule that contains many ingredients proven to strengthen capillaries and veins such as Diosmin, Hesperidin, Rutin, Grapeseed Extract, and Quercetin. Other herbs and minerals that help are Silica, Horsetail, and Vitamin C. Some people claim that these supplements fade or eradicate capillaries throughout the body. Topically, Vitamin K helps reduce redness. I use a Vitamin K cream by Donell. Another product line that is really effective is Rosacea Care. Their Willowherb Serum with Vitamin K is amazing. You can actually see the redness dissipate within seconds after application. One of the doctors mentions electrodessication (ED). This procedure can leave depressed, pore-like marks on the skin or hypopigmentation. I have also read that the results are not usually permanent and the capillaries reoccur after a few years. Anyway, be thorough in your research because doctors have conflicting views on the various methods available, as you probably noticed. It is a good idea to read a little in the biology of skin in order to understand exactly what is happening with these lasers and peels. It also helps to understand a little about the science of aging so you can decide if any of the procedures will actually provide real change versus superficial quick fixes.
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