Is a chemical peel reccomended for acne scars?

  • hk7000
  • san jose
  • 4 years ago

I have a few scars/blemishes from acne, etc. Would a light chemical peel help with this? Are there any side effects? I am too scared to use Retin-A, sooo any other ideas? Also, how effective is the VI peel?

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I know my comment is 4-year too late. I just happen to run into this page today. I have a friend with a lot of acne scars and she got rid of about 90% of her scars after 12 sessions of chemical peel that she did in a year and cost her about USD100 per treatment in Jakarta. I tried chemical peel 3 times (in Jakarta, Singapore, and Bandung) but didn't see any good result and decided to try other treatments: 8 sessions of Erbium laser + 11 sessions of dermaroller all in about 18 month-time, and my acne scars have improved only about 65% (my friend and I have different skin type) but my skin have looked about 8 years younger. I will continue with 5 more sessions of derma roller to get rid of the remaining 35% of the acne scars. How's your chemical peel result?
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Hi hk7000,

There are lots of treatments available for acne scars. Unfortunately, there is no "tried and true", 100% perfect answer and you'll see a lot of debate between doctors and patients alike about what's the best. Laser treatments (of many different types: Fraxel, Erbium, ActiveFX, CoolTouch, and others) are recommended a lot, as are all kinds of chemical peels.

Here's a thread with some related info: How to get rid of acne scars?

You also asked about the Vi peel. So far, 36% of RealSelfers who have had the Vi Peel say that it's "worth it". Check out some of the Vi peel reviews to see if any of them fit your situation.

Good luck!

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